Monday, March 17, 2014

The 4 Temperaments in the 5 Chinese Elements

Why should I listen to this presentation, you may ask yourself.

Maybe you have a 14 years old daughter, who pushes you to your limits. Maybe you have parents, who you still don’t understand, even though you’re an adult now. You work with clients and sometimes miss the point. Perhaps you’re a teacher and have to deal with different types of students. Or you wish to make peace with the annoying neighbour next door. There are an endless number of questions in life, when it comes to getting on with other people. Here you will see some old attitudes in a new light and new aspects in old patterns.

What are the Temperaments? How do the four Archetypes fit in the five Chinese Elements? And what is the secret behind the Temperaments playing cards? We will have enough time to find out how to look in a new way at “old” stuff. It will be like a spring-cleaning for all the people already being touched for health.

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