Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thierry Noens

Thierry Noens, has been practicing karate since 1974.

 After fighting as a well-known international competitor, he became the coach of the French Kyokushinkai Karate Team. 

Trying to understand why martial arts may change human beings, he met Brain Gym and Touch For Health on the road of his researches and proceeded to create his own method. 

Originally, Sankyôgô was created for children at school for whom a new, creative and easy way of studying Martial Arts was desired. 
Today, this method is also used at another level with adults in an Occupational Health and Safety training situation. 

In 2010 Sankyôgô won the « Private Security’s Natinal Trophy » in Paris and became the Best Vocational Training for Stress Management. 

Sankyôgô is an approved complementary course and accepted for re-licensure credit in thr Brain Gym curriculum.

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  1. Martial arts is not just a fighting, it is a science of body and attacking skills which are combined to form an art to hurt in self defense. It should never be taken as an activity of violence. Just like martial arts we at Health And Safety Training Peterborough focuses on prevention of the threat of any kind to the employees by training them to face any mishap that may happen in the company.

    Arnold Brame