Sunday, August 11, 2013

HARALD BLOMBERG: Rhythmic Movement Training

Harald Blomberg is a psychiatrist based in Stockholm, Sweden. He has developed the Rhythmic Movement Training program on the basis of rhythmic exercises he learnt from Kerstin Linde whom he met in 1985.  As a self-taught body-therapist she worked with exercises inspired by spontaneous infant movements. She was very successful to help many children and adults with neurological and other disabilities.

Dr Blomberg has further developed Kerstin Linde´s original rhythmic exercises by adding exercises to integrate primitive reflexes and has also developed the theoretical foundation of the method as a key for understanding Rhythmic Movement Training. He is continually developing Rhythmic Movement Training methods of instruction, course content, and instructional manuals on the basis of his research and experience of teaching classes and assisting children and adults with various challenges.

In 2004 he started to regularly teach courses in Rhythmic Movement Training and has researched and written the following course that he now offers. 
1.      Rhythmic Movement Training and primitive reflexes in ADHD
2.      Rhythmic Movement Training, emotions and inner leadership.
3.      Rhythmic Movement Training in reading and writing difficulties
4.      Rhythmic Movement Training in Kindergarten
5.      Rhythmic Movement Training for chiropractors and massage therapists
6.      Rhythmic Movement Training, dreams an inner healing
7.      Rhythmic Movement Training in cerebral palsy
8.      Rhythmic Movement Training and diet in autism and ADHD

Since Dr Blomberg started to teach courses in Rhythmic Movement Training in 2004 a number of instructors have been trained in Sweden, Finland, Spain, France, China, the US and other countries. In order to be able to continue developing his work, to protect the quality of Rhythmic Movement Training and prevent unauthorized copying, publishing and distribution he decided to create an organization in the beginning of 2012 for spreading his work, Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training.
You can read more about Harald Blomberg and Rhythmic Movement Training on the following websites:
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