Monday, March 17, 2014

Johanna Keller-de Wild

Humour builds bridges between all the truths without any limitation. I am Johanna Keller-de Wild, born 1971 in Rotterdam NL. Since 1974 I live close to Basel a town in Switzerland. I am married to Luki and am a mother of three daughters and a son.
In my early teenage years I got in contact with kinesiology because my mother built an office and a school for kinesiology. I did my first Touch for Health class in 1990 and got stuck to it ever since. I met a lot of inspiring people over the years and feel very blessed.
Besides my studies in Kinesiology I became a Naturopath and work in my own office for almost 15 years now. On one hand side I have my work with my clients and on the other hand side I love to teach as well.
I am a teacher in Touch for Health and Metaphors. I created a Workshop out of Anne Halls work called: “Mischen possible” witch is a wordplay in German and describes the possibilities of mixing oil, essences and so on together so clients can take their special mix along in drops, sprays or even stones.
Another workshop I created is: “the four Temperaments in the five Chinese Elements”. This workshop got accredit by the IKC last year.  

Humour and Health are my passion in any way or variety.
You can read more about Johanna Keller-de Wild's presentation here!

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