My best idea

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In case you have some experience from your work with clients, may be some “homeplay”, or an “Aha!” from your teaching a workshop, which has helped you in your daily work as a practitioner, or anything you want to share with all the other conference participants, we would be happy to welcome your best idea.
Here is what you might choose to do:
  • Scan through you brain to find one or more ideas, you want to share
  • Give it a title
  • Write a few paragraphs about the contents
  • Send it to before March 1st 2014. You will get a receipt, so you know that we have received your information.

You will have 10 – 15 minutes on the stage to present your Best Idea. You are welcome to bring “hand outs” for the participants. We will do whatever we can to provide you with the equipment you might need. 

Please find here the name of few lecturers and related topics:
 Natalie Davenport (UK): ' Perceptual Bodywork - PB

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