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You might have something from your personal research or networking you want to present at the Copenhagen Conference Find a project, you have participated in or are participating in and want to share. Here is what you might choose to do:

  • Write us some paragraphs about the contents, a kind of abstract

  • Send it to before March 1st 2014. You will get a receipt, so you know that we have received your information.
  • When we come closer to the conference, make your poster and tell us who will be introducing the contents. We will have “poster-presentation-time” every morning prior to the start of the day´s program. The posters will be placed on the wall in the conference room. It can be a text, illustrations or the like with reference to your personal homepage.

We are looking very much forward to hear from you, as we believe in networking and shared information between colleagues of all disciplines, conventional and complementary. If you need more information about My Best Idea and Posters, please contact the conference coordinator, Annemarie Goldschmidt (

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