Friday, August 9, 2013

Adam Lehman: Injury Recall Technique – A Comprehensive Approach

Adam Lehman had Energy Kinesiology running through his veins at birth, though not
personally aware of it until much later in life. This resulted in a conflicted personality which,
along with considerable amounts of psychoactive and hallucinogenic drugs intermingled with
an idealistic pursuit of the true meaning of life (not necessarily mutually exclusive), led Adam
to want to assist others in their own personal quests using Applied Physiology and related
Energy Kinesiology modalities and techniques. Against all odds, he continues to survive to
the point where he will be presenting at this year’s IASK conference. Attend at your own risk.

Proposed TITLE of talk: 
Injury Recall Technique – A Comprehensive Approach

Injury Recall Technique (IRT) is a profoundly simple yet amazingly effective balancing
technique. Brought into Applied Kinesiology by Dr. Walter H. Schmitt, D.C., IRT is a first
line balancing tool to relieve pain and restore function in the body with both local and
systemic implications. Originally demonstrated at a TFH conference by Dr. Sheldon Deal,
Adam will provide a thorough background and understanding of IRT, demonstrate the
technique so that you will be able to use it immediately and effectively, and provide examples
of how to fit it into your balancing regimen. Considering the roots and essence of TFH being
“Applied Kinesiology for the lay person,” this technique follows in the footsteps of what
came before it while advancing the technology into the future.

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