Sunday, September 1, 2013

Debra Burchard

began her association with Energy Kinesiology in 1986 with Touch for Health.  She is a Facilitator for Three-In-One Concepts and has been a long time student of Donna Eden’s.  She established The Siskiyou Essence Company in 1989.

Debra served on the EnKA Executive Board as Recording Secretary from 1996 to 2000.  She also participated for many years on the Ethics Committee of the organization. 

In addition to her private practice in Ashland, Oregon, Debra travels throughout the US teaching and seeing clients.  She likes to combine artwork with energy and has written a workshop for performers, two workshops on the chakras and one on combining energy work with political activism.  Her books include: Energetic Dynamics for Performers (1993), An Introduction to the Chakras (with Richard and Shanti Duree) (1992), Chakras: Characteristics, Elements and Essences (1994) and Character is the Ultimate Currency: Ethics and Energy Work (2000).

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