Wednesday, August 28, 2013

SANKYÔGÔ - TO UNIFY THE THREE FRONTIERS A Mind-Body-Spirit experience ( Thierry Noens)

«If we don’t move, worse grows the fear» This judicious remark by French writer Daniel Piccouly may summarize the whole Sankyôgô’s philosophy.
In order to fight against our fear we may ask ourselves: « What is blocking the road and barring my way? »

With this simple interrogation, we can put ourselves in those historical romance heroes’ shoes who had to fight threatening highwaymen standing across their road. We become the hero of our own story.
Mixing Educational Kinesiology principles and Martial Arts drills, story telling and role play enables us to create a surprising cocktail where
-   The stress is embodied in the highwayman performed by our partner;
-   The blocked roads may clearly materialize and the spot where the stress decided to stay often becomes easily identified thanks to partner exercises;
-   And.. we gently turn opposition into cooperation scaling down, at the same time stress and agressiveness !!!

Sankyôgô is a Secure, Accessible, Fun and Efficient method, which helps us to feel S.A.F.E in our daily life.

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