Monday, February 24, 2014

Is Muscle Testing/Monitoring Objective or Subjection – What does the Research Show? (Dr. Charles T. Krebs)

Photo: Dennis Breitsprecher

"I will present Muscle Physiology research demonstrating that Kinesiology is both Objective and Subjective. The actual muscle response measured via Electromyography (EMG) clearly demonstrates that when a muscle “gives or unlocks” during a muscle test, there are fewer motor units firing and these cease firing as the test continues – exactly what we observe – the muscle begins to resist, then passively gives. However, the person being tested incorrectly perceives the testor as “pushing harder” or differently when this is not objectively true. In contrast, when a muscle “locks” and holds against the monitoring pressure, a large number of motor units fire and continue to fire until the test has ended!  The subjective part, is that your mind can indeed affect the outcome of the muscle test. I will review the Kinesiology Research literature from both the Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing and Energetic Kinesiology Muscle Monitoring points of View."
On the conference you can also buy Charles new book - Energetic Kinesiology. The Principles and Practice.

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