Monday, August 12, 2013

Rachel Lead: Perceptual Bodywork

I first met Natalie Davenport in 1995 at the International Kinesiology College TFH Instructor training (ITW), and instantly felt a connection with her.  I began teaching TFH workshops, and so began my link with Natalie – who was then the IKC Head of TFH, faculty member for England.  My interest in perceptual bodywork started when I attended a 1 day workshop with Natalie in Norfolk in 2000.  I liked her approach of ‘listening to and using your senses’ to guide your ‘hands’ with bodywork’ in a session.  I began the full training in Perceptual Bodywork in 2001 and I have since repeated this training to become a PB trainer – and I am now teaching beginners through to professional level.

Ann Holdway (author of ‘The Wisdom Within – Life Enhancing Kinesiology) was also a great support to me in my early days of TFH.  I have very fond memories of Ann attending with her book stall at a Health Fair in the 1990s.  Her death in 20I1 was a blow to those who knew her in the kinesiology world.  I met Sandy Gannon at a conference Ann organised, and who eventually took over the role of IKC Head of TFH England when Natalie stepped down from this role.  Sandy has always supported and consolidated my passion for TFH, muscle testing and bodywork.

I would like to thank and honour those kinesiologists who helped to train me and allowed me to evolve as the bodyworker/kinesiologist I am today.
Becoming A Creative Bodyworker
With Natalie and Carrie’s encouragement I have recently put together a 1 or 2 day course named - Becoming A Creative Bodyworker - BAC-B.
My aim is to encourage and inspire therapists to become more confident at using bodywork with muscle testing.  The pre-requisite, is to have completed TFH levels 1 & 2 or an equivalent foundation course, so this course is open to TFHers, K practitioners and Kinesiologists.  This course also acts as an ‘introductory’ for students who are interested in Perceptual Bodywork.  This has recently been approved by The Kinesiology Federation in the UK as a recognised k-based cpd.

I have recently spent 9 years enjoying Oxfordshire, working in a local practice and providing carer support for Leonard Cheshire Disability.  I continued to teach TFH, my own courses and Adult Learning workshops, alongside studying for my Certificate in Education at Oxford Brooks.  I will always be indebted to Audrey Fairgrieve who guided me onto the Cert Ed course - and to my 1st year tutor Jan Donley who steered me through my academic leap with ‘the fun of learning’.  My tutor managers and the Healthy Living Team at AL gave me continual support at this time.

I have now returned to Suffolk and have set up my practice again for clients and students.  I continue to work at improving my teaching base and looking for new ways to ‘spread the word of kinesiology’.  I have of late been giving talks and demonstrations to Suffolk Acre and Mencap.

I am married to Keith, and we have 5 children between us, which makes for an interesting time keeping up with them all.  I love being outside – close to the elements, walking our dog, gardening, swimming, and yoga are all very important to my own positive health and wellbeing.

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