Friday, August 9, 2013


Graduated as Civil Engineer, Safety Engineer and Systems Analyst.
During more than twenty five years worked as planning and schedule consultant in the construction of ports, nuclear industries, cellulose fabrics, iron ore mills, and hydroelectric power plants.
During several years was a professor at the Rio de Janeiro State University in the cathedra of Port Construction in Engineering and Oceanography Faculties
· in the 70´s started his research in the area of natural nutrition and natural techniques.
· in 1984, started studying Kinesiology.
· in 1991 was a co-founder of the International Kinesiology College, and Faculty Member of it until 1997.
· is certified as Professional Specialized Kinesiologist - P.S.K. by I-ASK
· translated to Portuguese more than twenty books of international Kinesiology Institutes from which he is certified as Instructor to teach their techniques to the students of his Institute that did not speak English.
· wrote more than thirty books about specific techniques of BALANCEAMENTO MUSCULAR®.
· translated to Spanish several of his books.
· in the area of apprenticeship developed specific workshops named Integração Cerebral ("Brain Integration")..
· is an international public speecher in the area of Balanceamento Muscular®/Kinesiology presenting papers, or lectures, about specific aspects of Kinesiology in international conferences of the International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists and of Touch For Health associations in several countries - ·· 1991 – San Diego/EUA; 1992 – Saint Louis/EUA; 1993 – Las Vegas/EUA; 1994 – Vancouver/Canada; 1995 – Garda/Italy; 1996 – Tucson/EUA; 1996 – San Diego/EUA; 1997 – London/UK; 1999 – Copenhagen/ DN; 2003 – Bad-Nauheim/Germany.
· in 2010 did a lecture in the first Latin American Conference of Terapias de Avanzada ("Advanced Therapies") held in Buenos Aires/Argentina
· Co- founder (1988) and president of Instituto Brasileiro do Balanceamento Muscular®.
· Pubic speecher in the areas of stress, brain integration and apprenticeship.
· in 1997, as Faculty Member of the International Kinesiology College, graduated the first group of Instructors of “Touch For HealthÔ” in Argentina.
· in 1998, graduated the first group or Instructors of BALANCEAMENTO MUSCULAR® in Argentina
· author of one of the chapters of the book “Terapias de Avanzada – Vol. 3”, printed in Argentina in 2008
·          from 1992 – 2013 – consultant in the area of management and administration using techniques of BALANCEAMENTO MUSCULAR®.

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