Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Model for Energy Healing:

How the Stages of Stress of Janos Selyes, Chaos Theory and Quantum Mechanics provide a Model for Energy Healing!

The concept of Homeostasis and the Stages of Stress of the Generalized Adaptation Syndrome when combined with the principles of Chaos Theory and the Tiller-Einstein Model of Positive-Negative Space-Time offer a new model of healing based on the subtle energy flows of the Universe. The Stages of Stress of Hans Selyes’ General Adaptation Syndrome result from the need to maintain physiological homeostasis to avoid crossing the “phase transition” boundaries of homeostatic limits, which when crossed cause the system to go into chaos generating physiological Distress. To prevent Distress and bring the physiological parameter in Distress back within the Homeostatic Limits, the body generates a series of compensations. If the stressor causing the Distress remains unresolved, it leads to long-term chronic physiological compensations resulting in a “new” compensated homeostasis, but one further from optimum function. As homeostasis represents a complex set of dynamic interacting dynamic equilibria, Chaos Theory best describes this new self-organized system. Once self-organized, the new compensated homeostasis resists change, and unless de-compensated and driven into chaos by crossing the “phase transition” of the homeostatic limits once more, it cannot change. However, once the system goes chaotic what causes re-organization to move closer to rather than further from optimal homeostasis? In the model proposed, based upon the Tiller/Einstein Model of Positive/Negative Space-Time, Deltronic flow in the form of Love and Compassion from Negative Space-Time directed by human Intention provides the organizational information to “push” the re-organization toward optimum function, a process called “Healing”!

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