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The Danish School of Pedagogical Kinesiology

Dansk Pædagogisk  Kinesiologiskole / The Danish School of Pedagogical Kinesiology was founded in 1987. Exactly the same year as IASK. The founders / creators were Annemarie Goldschmidt and her co-operator Bent Jørgensen. Bent left the school in 1991, and Annemarie continued the work. In 1995 she started a 2 year training for professionals, a training which a couple of years later expanded to 2½ years.
This education consisted of a handful of different kinesiology modalities, as Annemarie wanted to offer an education that consisted of as well a modality which mainly covered the Emotional part, as a modality, which mainly covered the Physical part, and one mainly covering the Mental part, realizing that all modalities build upon the Chinese philosophy about Elements and Meridians. The Universal Healing Model (as taught by Andrew Verity, Australia) forms a triangle of which the middle consists of the communicative part, named meridian energy, essential energy or spiritual energy. This energy connects all the other parts / sides.

Pedagogical Kinesiology was in 1990 acknowledged by the Danish Minister of Education as a method to be used in The Danish Public School System

Since 1995 a very competent group of professional kinesiologists have completed their 2½ years education at the school, and several are on their way. Three projects on research have been started and have resulted in articles or reports, two of which in co-operation with the University of Copenhagen.

Annemarie has sponsored several of the originators of different kinesiology modalities, among which Gordon Stokes and Daniel Whiteside, Kathie Guhl, Andrew Verity, Matthew Thie, Wayne Topping, Adam Lehman, Donna Eden and David Feinstein, and has been a student in classes and workshops taught of the above mentioned as well as Richard Utt, Jimmy Scott and Paul Dennison.

A handful of very competent Danish kinesiologists will finish their instructor training in 2013 – 2014, which will secure the continuation of the standards set by the originator of the professional training.

Dansk Pædagogisk Kinesiologiskole is a member of SundhedsRådet (, af Danske Kinesiologer ( and of International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists, IASK (

You can find information about the school, the instructors, the workshops and the training program on

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