Monday, August 12, 2013

Natalie Davenport (UK): ' Perceptual Bodywork - PB - Keeping Kinesiology simple'

This is a Professional training within the Kinesiology Federation UK. It is recognised as an interface between TFH and other professional kinesiologies.

In PB, ‘perceptual’ means that practitioners use their own and the person’s many body senses and intuition at a deep level; ‘bodywork’ uses the techniques and approaches of traditionally applied kinesiology, healing and any other skills that the practitioner has.

PB helps track and explore different levels to ‘balance’ the body. Training  develops ‘listening and witnessing’ skills, encourages the body into self awareness and embodies the changes through practical applications.

Perceptual Bodywork focuses on self-responsibility and total respect for every individual’s journey in life. The training helps each person to take further steps in their own self-awareness and life journey. The focus for the training is sensory awareness, understanding the body and how to access it externally and internally, self development, professionalism, and the experience of giving & receiving techniques within the creativity of the material.

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