Monday, August 12, 2013


The Psychology of Joy

Transformational Kinesiology is one of the practical tools for consciously and intentionally engaging in the process of spiritual awakening and the understanding of the energy body.

TK accesses a higher part of the self that's freeing us to embody the highest potentials within us. Waking up to become and live from our heart, we experience a surge of joy and power to take Inner Leadership and create a fuller life.

The testing and balancing methods are based on work with the subtle structure of the body: the etheric, the emotional, the mental and the subtle.

TK includes work with the human constitution; the 7 basic cosmic energies – the 7 rays and their associated qualities; spiritual laws; the science of the vital body chakras and the auric field,the path of the soul, etc. Creative visualization is a part of every TK balance and activates the person’s innate creative power to reach his or her Soul level.

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